Krone adds new forage wagons

Krone is to launch a new range of MX forage wagons. The MX310 offers 31cu m volume and the MX350 35cu m.

This completes its line-up of forage wagons, says the company, with AX models for smaller farms, MX for medium-sized farms and ZX for large farms and contractors.

The GL version has a closed body while the GD version is a self-loading model with closed body and two standard discharge rollers. A third discharge roller is an option.

Main features of the MX are the 880mm diameter feed-and-cut rotor with eight rows of tines and 41 knives spaced 37mm apart. The low-maintenance EasyFlow pickup system is standard specification on all MX wagons, offering an 1800mm pick-up and five rows of tines.

The knife bank folds down and swings out to the side and the operator no longer has to walk around the machine to lock and unlock the bank on either side. Instead, he carries out all operations on the left side of the machine.

There’s also a chain-and-slat floor, with the front lowered by 15-25cm to reduce the distance the material has to pass from the cutting rotor into the wagon. A 120hp tractor is apparently enough to pull it.

Road transport-wise, it comes with a professional package of axles, tyres and brakes.

Krone has also developed two new GL and GD operator control units, plus the option of a large-display unit. All control options on MX are compatible with the tractor’s load-sensing system.

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