Krone mower makes transport easier and safer

One of the first announcements of launches at Grassland and Muck 2008 on 21-22 May is Krone’s EasyCut 320CVQ over-centre mower.

It swings up through 110 degrees and is stored towards the middle of the tractor in transport to give a more balanced weight distribution.

It also provides a smoother ride with less tyre wear, says Krone, and gives the driver a clear view to the rear. The mower is kept away from overhanging tree branches, too.

The 320CVQ works on the same principle as the smaller EasyCut 280CVQ. A series of V-type steel tines conditions the forage across the whole working width of the mower and there are two speeds (600 and 900rpm) to suit different conditions.

In use, the EasyCut balance system suspends the mower over its centre of gravity to give a uniform ground pressure across the working width. There is also a patented break-back system to protect the mower and blades from damage.

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