Kubota tractor offers affordable choice

Japanese maker Kubota’s 4wd 4240 yard tractor has an on-farm price of £15,000. It’s not a new model but the company was giving it a bit of a push at the show.

The four-cylinder 2,197cc engine puts out 42hp, going through a fully synchronised 12×12 gearbox, with creep box. The clutched synchro shuttle is said to give swift changes of direction and there’s a 540 pto only. Two spool valves are supplied as standard and the dashboard display shows pto revs, temperature, fuel left and hours.

There’s a little bit of luxury for the stockman here too, with a CD/radio and air-con. You can add a loader for £3,500 too, says the company.

Dimensions are fairly compact – 3.17m long x 2.26m high x 1.48m wide – and the cab has a virtually flat floor.

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