Kuhn expands large-scale trailed sprayer range

With large trailed sprayers offering similar outputs to their self-propelled brothers at a fraction of the purchase cost, the market is buoyant, with Kuhn the latest manufacturer to expand its offering.

The existing range of Oceanis sprayers will get four additional models ranging from 5,000-litre up to 7,700-litre capacity machines, with a choice of 24-48m aluminium booms.

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All new models have plastic tanks with internal baffles to prevent liquid swilling around uncontrollably, with drawbar, axle and parallelogram boom suspension as standard.

Also available are some fancy electric nozzle holders that allow individual shut-off of each nozzle to avoid overdosing, while automatic nozzle selection chooses the correct nozzle for the job, depending on forward speed, we are told.

Isobus is available on the full range and can be paired with a choice of Kuhn screens to keep all sprayer controls in one place.

Boom levelling, a new closed transfer chemical system and a clever tank agitator, which switches of when the sprayer comes to a stop, preventing over foaming, are all optional.

The 5,000-litre Oceanis 5002 starts at £77,952, while the range-topping 7,700-litre will set you back £87,936.