Kuhn’s 6m combi-drill promises high workrates

The Kuhn CSC6000 is aimed at larger-scale farmers who want a high-workrate pneumatic powerharrow drill combination.

Suitable for both min-till or tilled land, the rig adopts Kuhn’s HR 6004 DR folding powerharrow and the company’s Venta pneumatic seeding system. It gains a new Seedflex coulter bar, fitted with offset double discs at 35cm spacings in a parallelogram configuration. Large-diameter press wheels allow for an even drilling depth across the 6m width and coulter pressure exerted can be up to 45kg/coulter. A 1,500-litre front-mounted tank (which, with extension, can hold 2,000kg) has an electrically-driven control unit which allows operators to increase or decrease application rate on the move.

Designed for high-speed drilling, with speeds of 12-14kph easily achievable, the CSC6000 is currently only available in 6m, and costs about £75,000, complete with front hopper.

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