Kuhn’s weighing systems keep feeding precise

Kuhn’s latest KDW340 and KDW360 weighing and feed tracking systems, retrofittable to its diet feeders, are said to improve the precision of feeding and daily ration recording.

Both units use three load cells (one on the drawbar and two on the main chassis) to weigh the feeder wagon’s contents to the nearest 0.5kg, and can store up to 200 ingredients.

Both versions can automatically recalculate the required amount of each ingredient as the number of animals or load size changes. They also have backlit, six-figure digital displays with 43mm-high characters that can easily be seen from a distance in sunny or dark conditions.

The KDW360 also enables data from the mixer wagon to be transferred to the farm’s main computer via a USB flash drive.

The KDW340 and KDW360 can be powered by an ancillary battery, which is mounted on the diet feeder. This makes the weighing system self-contained so it can still be used even when the mixer wagon is unhitched from a tractor.

The KDW feed tracking systems can also be used with Kuhn’s KDR300 and KDR400 wireless display units. The KDR300 (90m wireless range) and KDR400 (300m wireless range) units have six-digit displays with 25mm characters and can be used as secondary cab-mounted displays.

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