Kuhn shows off new muckspreader

Kuhn’s first appearance at the Muck Event part of Grassland and Muck 2008 will see it showing its 9cu m Pro Twin Slinger side-exit manure spreader. This has an unusual twin-auger design with free-swinging discharge hammers working against an adjustable deflector.

The machine moves material rearward with a raised right auger that keeps the left auger evenly charged to feed the forward discharge hatch. The rotation of the augers keeps the load level and prevents bridging, whatever the consistency or moisture content of the manure.

The discharge hammers, meanwhile, pulverise the material and propel it outwards in an even fashion. Discharge is regulated on the move by a hydraulically-controlled deflector that can adjust the spread pattern from 1m to 15m wide. Price of the Pro-Slinger 8124 starts at £17,426.

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