Kuhn to demo strip tillage kit at Tillage-Live

Kuhn Farm Machinery will be demonstrating its Striger strip tillage unit and Maxima 2 precision seed drill at this year’s Tillage-Live event at Down Ampney Airfield in Gloucestershire.

The Striger cultivates a narrow strip of soil into which seed can be directly drilled.

A row of opening discs cut through stubble and surface residue which is then removed by a star-shaped trash remover. 

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A tine, double-discs and tamping wheel follow to prepare the seedbed, either side of which sits a protective layer of surface mulch.

Kuhn’s UK sales manager, Duncan McLeish, points out strip tillage technique fuel advantages:

“By only cultivating the ground into which crops are sown and leaving the space between each row of seeds fallow, strip tillage techniques can reduce diesel usage by up to 80% compared to traditional ploughing techniques, or by 50% compared to normal min-till cultivation.”

The Striger is available in 6-12 row versions on either a 4.4m or 6m folding frame and as 4 or 6 row versions on a 3m frame. The working components of each row are adjustable from 45 to 80cm to suit field conditions and to match the seed drill.

The company’s Maxima 2 precision seed drills are designed to work with the Striger. Users can opt for a single toolbar (2.5-9m frame with up to 18 rows) or one of the firm’s telescopic and folding frame variants which go up to 6m and 12 rows.)

Kuhn Maxima 2 seed drill

All are compatible with a strip tillage system and can be used to drill a range of crops including maize, oilseed rape and sugar beet.

Maxima 2 drills can also be fitted with hoppers for direct fertiliser application and granular application of insecticides, herbicides or slug pellets.