LAMMA 10: New Holland launches new range-topping T5000

New Holland will launch a new addition to one of its best-selling tractor ranges at LAMMA. The four-cylinder T5070 will become the new flagship of NH’s bread-and-butter T5000 range, meaning the range will now top-out at 113hp.

The line-up now consists of five models spanning 76hp to 113hp.

Produced in Jesi, Italy, and fitted with a NEF tier 3 turbocharged 4.5-litre engine, this tractor produces a max torque of 445Nm at 1330, giving low fuel use and long service intervals of 600hrs, says NH tractor specialist Alan Hawes.

“With 37.6kg/hp power to weight ratio, its overall height and the fact that it’s a four-cylinder machine makes it an ideal tractor for manoeuvring around tight stock buildings.”

Because of the extra power, the driveline has had to be beefed up and a new heavier duty damper has been fitted. A reinforced pto clutch is also standard, capable of dealing with up to 95hp, as are new bearings. The 5070 also has 600kg more lift capacity than the 5060, taking overall payload to 7400kg.

Five transmissions will be available, ranging from the simplest – the 12 x 12 Shuttle Command – to the most sophisticated, the 24 x 24 Dual Command with Power Clutch with up to eight clutchless gear changes.

New for the T5000 range is the 20 x 20 Powershuttle with power creeper feature, meaning speeds can now span 0.25kph to 40kph, making it suitable for vegetable operations.

T5000s fitted with 24×24 powershuttles now come with adjustable shuttle aggressiveness, too. There are three modes to choose from: Soft, Mid and Fast; giving low to high levels of aggressiveness. All the operator needs to do is put his feet on the clutch and brake with the powershuttle forward and the engine stopped and press the arrows on the clock to toggle through the three options on the dash display. It’s possible to update existing T5000 models with this software, too, says Mr Hawes.

All T5000s will also get Bluetooth hands-free in common with the larger-hp NH ranges. Price for a T5070 with loader will start at £44,119.

New T5070 and T5000 updates

• New model takes hp offering to 113hp
• Increased payload of 6800kg to 7400kg
• Reinforced pto, clutch and running gear
• Increased braking capacity
• New creeper 20×20 transmission available on all T5000s 

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