LAMMA 10: Plain wire attachment from Quickfencer

No LAMMA would be complete without a tweak or two from charismatic fencing company Quickfencer, in Blackburn.

The development of the original Quickfencer in 2004 has led to a number of developments, and even a move from wire manufacturers to producing larger 300m rolls of wire into the bargain. Sleeves are now available to make the handling of these bigger rolls of wire easier and safer.

Following a trip to the US and Canada, John Brewer and Steve Rawcliffe realised they needed a machine which would erect barbed wire as well as the netting the initial machine would handle. A dispensing head attachment is now available, with four, two and one strand capability. They’re working on a five-strand version as we speak. Each unit is spring loaded, meaning wire remains semi tensioned until the final stage, when the operator uses a locking mechanism and bar to exert the final force needed before tye-off.

Since barbed wire is banned in several markets, the next stage has been to develop a plain wire attachment, a slightly more tricky task. But there’s now an add-on which can hold and dispense up to 12 compact 25kg rolls at a time. It costs £425 with a dual clamping mechanism.

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