Lamma 2012: Micron to launch a three-section inter-row sprayer

Micron Group will be launching its Varidome S3 inter-row sprayer at LAMMA next week. This is a shielded, three-section controlled drop application (CDA) band sprayer designed for drift-free spraying of weeds between crops at low or medium volumes.

It is capable of treating three beds at a time, says the maker, and is suitable for use in carrots, onions, leeks, parsnips, ornamental plants, tree nurseries and potentially maize and OSR. It can also be used as a full-width band sprayer for field-scale operations.

It comes equipped with either shielded rotary atomisers that produce optimum-sized spray droplets or conventional pressure nozzles. Spray width is fully adjustable on each individual head, says the company, enabling operators to treat specific inter-row and wheeling widths. It can also spray inter-row widths from 100mm to 800mm and bed widths from 1.3m to 2m wide up to a total width of 6m.

The toolbar configuration can be easily changed to suit the type of crop and can be rear or front mounted. When not in use, hydraulic cylinders lock individual heads for safe transportation.

Micron will also be showing the WeedSwiper, a non-drip weed wiper for controlling weeds in horticultural crops, pasture, amenity and conservation areas. It delivers non-drip contact with weed foliage via herbicide-moistened pads and sensor controls ensure that the pads are continually moistened for maximum effective transfer of herbicide. It is available in 2m, 3m and 6m folding units and can be tractor-mounted or trailed behind an ATV.

The company will also be showing the single-section S1 (pictured).


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