Lamma 2018: Albutt extends range with shear grab

Loader attachments specialist Albutt is extending its range of silage-cutting implements with the Shear Bucket, which adds the ability to handle loose feed ingredients to the capabilities of the existing Shear King forks.

Three sizes will be available, from 1,900mm to 2,500mm wide and with capacities of 1.4cu m, 1.6cu m and 1.8cu m, all using the shear grab from the Shear King Mini silage-cutting forks, which has a serrated Hardox steel front edge and sharpened side profiles to cut cleanly into a silage clamp face.

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High-tensile steels are used throughout and the bucket floor is braced by underside Hardox steel tines to create a durable structure up to the rigours of daily use.