Lamma 2018: Case IH updates Maxxum transmission

Updated Maxxum tractors will be launched by Case IH for the UK market featuring a newly developed transmission that packs eight powershift steps in each of three ranges.

The 24×24 transmission is configured to handle heavy draft work in range one, with an optional creep gearbox also available. It approaches 90% of field and loader operations between 1.6kph and 18.1kph.

Case IH Maxxum

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A skip-shift function allows quick progress through the eight steps when starting off on a road journey in range three, with auto shifting throughout all 16 speeds in the top two ranges available to ease the driver’s workload.

Auto is also available in the bottom range for field work and a new brake-to-clutch feature can be used to ease left leg activity by using just the brake pedal to have the tractor stop and set off again.

The ActiveDrive 8 transmission is available on all Maxxum tractors, including a new top-end model with 158hp for draft work and 175hp for pto and transport operations from its six-pot engine.

Smaller, lower-power Farmall A tractors also make a return – there are three models from 55hp to 75hp using 2.9-litre three-cylinder engines coupled to a choice of 12×12 or 20×20 creep Mech-Shuttle or powershuttle transmissions.

Reduced spec-X versions of three Puma tractors are also new to the Case IH range.

They run on a lighter rear axle, have a low-profile roof, sport mechanical spool valves and a lower-output 110-litre/min variable-flow hydraulics set-up.

Power outputs are 155-180hp for draft work, rising to 175-210hp for road travel and pto-powered implements.