Lamma 2018: Sukup introduces high-capacity tower dryer

Sukup tower dryerHigh-capacity tower dryers for large growers and commercial grain drying operations are being introduced to the UK by Sukup Europe.

With capacities of 30-300t/hour, the Sukup Tower Dryer is billed as a simple but efficient design, with an energy-saving heat recovery system and low noise levels.

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Tower dryers take up a relatively small footprint for their capacity by circulating grain through a ring column surrounding a full-height open core, with modulating gas burners installed towards the bottom.

Heated air is forced through the grain column, while ambient air drawn in through the lower section cools the dried grain.

Intake and discharge moisture sensors are used by the QuadraTouch Pro control system with its algorithm programming to manage the drying process for maximum efficiency, throughput and target moisture accuracy.

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