Lamma 2023 preview: Our pick of the farm kit to look out for

Most of the major tractor manufacturers might once again be conspicuous by their absence, but there should still be plenty to see at next month’s Lamma show.

We round up new, improved and topical products destined for the NEC Birmingham halls in January.

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The improved trailed Auctus pasture groomer leads with sprung levelling board tines with a more aggressive point to create a seed-bed or scarify swards, followed by a water-ballast drum with a scraper roller and penetrating blades to aerate the root zone.

Two rows of larger-diameter flexible tines and a serrated ring consolidating roller complete the implement, which runs on wheels and a new “gyroscopic” drawbar.

Alstrong Auctus

One-pass pasture rejuvenation is the principal role of the Alstrong Auctus © Alstrong


The new Alliance IF 580/85 R42 tyre option for Bunning’s Lowlander manure spreaders narrows their overall width and equips them for spring top dressings.

It does this by carrying heavy loads at relatively low inflation pressure on an elongated contact patch.

Being shown on a 19.1cu m Lowlander 120 HY HBD, combining the wider-spreading equipment of the larger 150 model but on a shorter wheelbase, the solution minimises potential damage during spring applications.

Bunning Lowlander on spring top dressing duties

Bunning Lowlander on spring top dressing duties © Bunning


A 3m seed and fertiliser drill will showcase Claydon’s new Evolution line-up of 3-6m mounted and 3m trailed machines.

It features larger hoppers, easier seeding depth adjustment by hydraulic cylinder, and better access to the metering unit.

The Opti-Till two-tine strip seeding assembly – for direct drilling or into consolidated ploughed ground – remains unchanged.

New Evolution drills from Claydon

New Evolution drills from Claydon have bigger hoppers and easier sowing depth adjustment © Claydon


A new implement for grassland management will be unveiled by Dalbo as the Multistriegel, comprising a spring tine-mounted molehill levelling board, two-row flexible tine harrow and rear-mounted support wheels.

A Dalbo seeder can be added to bolster tired pasture and a towing hitch enables a roller to be pulled behind.

From its arable range, the company will highlight an 8m PowerChain discing cultivator complete with seeder for one-pass surface tillage and cover crop establishment.

 Dalbo Multistriegel pasture groomer

The Dalbo Multistriegel pasture groomer with optional seed broadcaster © Dalbo


A new-generation 700 Vario tractor will be a magnet on the Fendt stand.

Owners and operators will get their first look at a 203-303hp machine incorporating a new engine and sophisticated drivetrain technologies filtered down from the 900 and 1000 Vario models.

Alongside this, the return of the more powerful Katana 850 forage harvester and a host of other green harvest products will emphasise the Agco brand’s growing position in this sector.

They include a Tigo forage wagon, Rotana round baler, mowers, rakes and tedders.

Fendt’s 700 Vario

Fendt’s up to 300hp+ new generation 700 Vario will make its UK debut at the show © Fendt


The Stealth low-disturbance subsoiler is a He-Va bestseller, capable of spring work on grassland and arable land alike, as well as soil structure remediation in the autumn.

Drilling – rather than broadcasting – oilseed rape using the optional Multi-Seeder kit and Accu Disc assembly with double-disc coulters and press wheels is also proving popular, says importer Opico.

He-Va Stealth subsoiler

Soil loosening and drilling rapeseed are key tasks for the He-Va Stealth subsoiler © He-Va


Relatively compact dimensions for tight farmyards and for added stability are evident on Hi-Spec’s new TS-R slurry tanker, available in sizes from 2,000gal to 4,000gal.

The body is carried on tandem commercial axles fitted with nominally 710mm-wide tyres beneath semi-recessed mudguards – a combination that keeps overall height and width within practical limits.

Hi-Spec’s TS-R slurry tanker

Low-drag tyres and semi-recessed mudguards contain overall dimensions of Hi-Spec’s TS-R slurry tanker © Hi-Spec

HM Trailers

A “body prop” version of its grain trailer allows a costly high-specification chassis and running gear to be used for other tasks with one of HM Trailers’ swap-over slurry tank, flatbed and rock bodies.

Alongside, one of two hook-lift trailers on show will have the company’s new 15cu m half-pipe rock body designed for easy discharge when hauling heavy bulk materials.

HM Trailers multi-use chassis

Propped lift-off body allows the HM Trailers multi-use chassis to be drawn out from underneath © HM Trailers

JF Hudson

A front-mounted swath compressing roller becomes useful year-round with the addition of four poles to carry twine balls or rolls of net and/or stretch film, and the company’s Compact Front Box, which can also be used separately.

Having a good supply of materials, tools, seed, fuel and anything else needed for a day in the field can save significant time and inconvenience, JF Hudson points out.

 JF Hudson’s Crop Roller

Added versatility for JF Hudson’s Crop Roller with the addition of storage solutions © JF Hudson

JM Agri Design

Efficient handling of round and square bales is promised by Joseph Moynihan.

The company’s new TR bale grabs have a patented overarm design enabling round bales to be gripped from any angle, and any size of square bale to be held without adjustment.

The TR-8 on show is the biggest model with a pair of arms controlled independently to handle two round bales or in unison for large square bales.

JM Agri Design’s TR-8 two-bale handler

JM Agri Design’s TR-8 two-bale handler © JM Agri


The three-model Kioti HX-series will make its debut, signalling the South Korean brand’s move into a higher power sector with in-house 3.8-litre engine outputs of 90hp, 100hp and 115hp with 10hp boost for pto applications.

A four-range, four-powershift transmission provides 32 forward and reverse gears, while the rear lift linkage is rated at 4.4t, accompanied by a three-speed rear pto set-up.

Kioti's HX model

Kioti’s trio of HX models top out at 115hp © James Andrews


Two Liebherr V12-engined Big X forage harvesters are among Krone’s latest green harvest product range.

The novel XtraPower facility is available to purchase to lift the Big X 980’s peak output by 100hp from 979hp and by 200hp for the Big X 1080’s 1,074hp – for the maize chopping season, perhaps.

An updated PowerSplit function enables the operator to select one of several engine settings to suit different field and travel situations and save fuel when max output is not needed.

Krone’s new Big X 980 forage harvester

Krone’s new Big X 980 forage harvester packs a 979hp Liebherr V12 © Krone


A new 2.8t front linkage and pto option adds to the versatility of Kubota’s M6001 Utility tractors.

Features include a double-acting spool outlet available to operate a front-mounted implement and fold-up lift arms keeping the tractor compact and making it easier to mount a loader.

A front mudguard option has been extended to the 104hp and 111hp models, and optional front axle suspension is now available for all variants, not just the 143hp range topper, for a more comfortable ride.

Kubota’s M6001 Utility tractors

Front axle suspension, three-point linkage and pto are new options for Kubota’s M6001 Utility tractors © Kubota


An FD230 combine header from the new FD2 FlexDraper range will make its debut.

It highlights a stronger and more durable frame with wider draper conveying belts – 1,270mm versus 1,070mm – and increased use of aluminium components to ease the weight increase.

There is also a new cutterbar with hydraulic rather than belt drive, faster cutting speeds and new-profile knife sections with 25% more cutting surface, all to handle faster working speeds, and a MacDon vertical side knife option for the first time.

D2 series MacDon FlexDraper headers

Wider draper belts and a host of other updates feature on FD2 series MacDon FlexDraper headers © MacDon


The diminutive ULM – Ultra-Light Manitou – is an ultra-compact telehandler available in 1.25t and 1.5t lift capacity variants with 4m lift height, a 35hp diesel and 48-litre/min hydraulics.

Measuring 1.92m to the top of the cab, 1.49m wide and 3.47m from the tail to the front of the attachment carriage, the ULM weighs less than 3t, making it possible to move it on a trailer hauled by a pickup or SUV.

The new Manitou ULM mini-handler

The new Manitou ULM mini-handler can be trailered from site to site © Manitou

McArthur Agriculture

A Nugent trailer-based mobile grain cleaner being introduced by McArthur Agriculture has a curtain-sider body, JK Machinery’s JCC VibroCompact 08 vibrating-sieve cleaner, an on-board generator and augers for filling and emptying.

It will complement McArthur’s Mecmar driers, latest versions of which will use new electronics to minimise energy use, optimise the drying process for economy or throughput, and accurately record fuel and power data for running cost figures.

New mobile grain cleaner from McArthur Agriculture

New mobile grain cleaner from McArthur Agriculture © McArthur Agriculture


Round baler productivity is said to be increased by various automated systems on McHale’s new V6760 round baler.

It includes tailgate lift height matched to bale diameter, electronic density pressure regulation for heavier bales, load cell bale shape indicators and a hydraulic bale kicker that causes bales to be ejected with greater momentum.

Automatic drop-floor activation and reset, a knife-cleaning cycle and operator-set knife withdrawal to leave outer layers uncut for better bale shape and greater weather resistance are also part of the machine’s new features.

McHale automated V6760 round baler

McHale’s comprehensively automated V6760 round baler © McHale


The iPass tine no-till drill now produced in Mzuri’s bright orange colours comes in new sizes – 4m sowing 12 rows at 333mm spacing; 4m establishing 16 rows at 250mm; and 18 rows at 266mm covering a working width of 4.8m.

All are trailed with an unchanged format comprising huge rear-mounted transport wheels, a set of spring-loaded serrated discs to clear a path for fertiliser placement tines and the single- or two-line tine coulters.

Mzuri iPass 624

Mzuri iPass 624 – 6m, 24 rows – in action © Mzuri


The new-generation Jumbo 7000 makes its Lamma debut as a high-capacity forage wagon equipped to work with tractors of 200-500hp, using a powerband to transfer drive from the double wide-angle pto shaft via planetary gears to the intake/chopping rotor.

It features a movable front panel and “intelligent” automatic loading for optimum capacity, a hydraulically controlled seven-row floating pick-up, and a new loading rotor.

Pottinger’s new-generation Jumbo forage wagon

Novel front-end features are evident on Pottinger’s new-generation Jumbo forage wagon © Pottinger

Richard Western

The Delilah DS175HD manure spreader is one of two improved 15.2cu and 17.3cu m heaped capacity machines with a simpler driveline for the improved 1,100mm horizontal beaters.

One gearbox replaces two and an auto-lubed 1in duplex chain replaces a shaft and gearbox.

More durable Boron steel is used for the separate spreading discs, tips, tip holders and scoops, with each of the three adjustable disc vanes secured in place by an anchor bolt.

Richard Western’s Delilah spreaders

Updates to Richard Western’s Delilah spreaders aim to increase durability © Richard Western

Same Deutz-Fahr

A 6150.4 will be the centrepiece of Same Deutz-Fahr’s stand, with the three-model 6.4 RV Shift and TTV tractors powered by SDF’s own 3.8-litre Farmotion engine developing 136hp, 147hp and 156hp.

They have CVT-based 20×16 “powershift” RV Shift and fully stepless TTV transmissions, new front and rear axles, and the Maxivision cab from other 6-series tractors.

Spec choices include all-mechanical, mixed mechanical/electric and all-electric spool valves.

Mid-range Deutz-Fahr 6140.4

Mid-range Deutz-Fahr 6140.4 has a 147hp SDF engine © Same Deutz Fahr


Inter-row hoeing to reduce reliance on herbicides is a new sector for Sumo as the company unveils its IRW implement with fertiliser placement and camera guidance options.

Available with a number of different tine configurations to suit various crops and soil types, a cutting disc option – said to be unique – in front of each tine aims to cut through surface trash in direct- or min-till established crops.

Sumo’s new Inter Row Weeder

Sumo’s new Inter Row Weeder will be unveiled at Lamma © Sumo


The new EvoPac liquid pesticides container from Syngenta is designed with a central high-flow opening to provide a stable coupling for the new Easyconnect closed transfer system.

The translucent material enables operators to see how much has been transferred and when a thorough rinse-out has been achieved.

The new 20kg GranuPac developed for Nemathorin nematicide granules has moulded grips and a new ring-pull opening; it fits all existing hopper connectors.

Syngenta’s new EvoPac liquid pesticide container

Syngenta’s new EvoPac liquid pesticide container on the Easyconnect closed transfer unit © Syngenta


Precision seed placement comes to the grain crop – as well as beans, peas, maize, rapeseed, sugar beet and sunflower – with Vaderstad’s new Proceed drill, whether sown no-till, min-till, strip-till or into a prepared seed-bed.

Increased germination rates, quicker emergence, an even crop population, improved crop health and greater biomass are claimed for the evenly spaced, accurate sowing depth system.

Vaderstad’s multi-crop precision sowing seed drill

Vaderstad’s multi-crop precision sowing seed drill © Vaderstad


The new Q-series Valtra tractors make their UK debut.

The range comprises five models featuring a 7.4-litre Agco Power engine with 230hp, 245hp, 265hp, 285hp and 305hp draft work outputs and 20hp or 25hp pto/hauling boost power depending upon model for all but the top machine.

Slotting between the T- and S-series in terms of weight (about 9.2t), wheelbase and power, all are equipped with Agco’s stepless transmission that can hit 50kph at just 1,500rpm.

Valtra’s 305hp Q-series flagship

Valtra’s 305hp Q-series flagship © Valtra


The latest Vervaet Q-616 beet harvester on Jeremy Riley’s stand features a new “helper” drum option to direct beet flowing from the left-hand turbine to the third central turbine in arduous harvesting conditions.

It joins a roller bed primary cleaning system alternative to an all-turbine set-up on a machine that has been developed since its clean-sheet introduction in 2016.

It has Vervaet Connect telematics, touchscreen controls, auto tank filling, traction control and 530hp.

Vervaet Q-616 beet harvester

A roller bed primary cleaning system and a beet flow ‘helper’ drum are latest options for the Vervaet Q-616 beet harvester © Vervaet


A new version of Weaving’s Stubble Rake is lighter but stronger, and available in a larger 9m width in addition to the existing 7m size, with three-section rather than centre-split folding for a more compact travel configuration.

The Stubble Rake redistributes chaff and chopped straw using five rows of tines at 75mm spacing, creating conditions that encourage weed seeds and volunteers to germinate while also decimating slug eggs.

Weaving stubble rake

© Weaving


Mobile rotary screeners for soil, rubble and woodchip separation will diversify Kioti UK’s product range and provide options for farmers and contractors offering a screening service.

The MS1000 separates materials into two fractions at up to 20cu m/hr while the MS1600, with up to 30cu m/hr capacity.

It can separate two or three fractions; both can be towed behind a mid-size commercial vehicle and operate under electric power.

Zemmler MS1000 mobile rotary screener

Zemmler MS1000 mobile rotary screener can separate materials into two fractions © Zemmler

In brief

Avon Tuning

With a larger stand to highlight its engine ECU remapping products, Avon Tuning Agri & Plant will explain the increased functionality of its software.

Dealers can examine a Dimsport DF2TR workshop-based dynamometer for testing tractors up to 330hp.

BDC Systems

Grain Balance measures the tonnage of grain entering store at harvest using a Skandia elevator sensor kit, a cloud-based recording system and a mobile device app.

Having set up individual field records, the app is used to identify which field is being harvested and the system automatically tots up the tonnage and calculates the yield of each field.


Time- and cost-saving, and more consistent feed mixes, are among the claims for “going large” with diet feeders, according to BvL Group.

It will show a 33cu m triple auger V-Mix Plus 3S mixer-feeder centre-stage, which is typical of the size of machine gaining in popularity among UK dairy farms.


The tractor-mounted linkage box specialist is selling its own products once more (it used to supply through Cherry Products) and will be at Lamma with an improved range.


A power tiller for working at 3-6cm to incorporate cover and other crop residues is destined for the Opico stand.

Mashcio’s SC Pro-Bio machine has four gauge wheels for stability and consistent shallow cultivation.

Moore Unidrill

A wider, mounted Unidrill delivers extra output on larger tractors, with the 3.4m machine also introducing an 850-litre hopper to the range.

All sizes are available in 125mm arable and 90mm grassland row spacing configurations using 410mm notched disc openers with a tungsten seed coulter alongside.

Stocks Ag

More advanced flotation tyres may have dulled demand for dual wheels, but they still have a role for spring work.

Especially dualling row crop wheels spaced to straddle the rows when planting maize and sugar beet with minimal soil compaction and good traction for precision steering, says maker Stocks Ag.


The Giga Vitesse 02 forage wagon due to be exhibited by Opico will feature the new 2.25m camless Flex-Load pick-up reel with plastic tines.

This is said to be tough but flexible to adapt to surface irregularities with minimum wear, and replaceable using one tool.

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