LAMMA exhibition line-up, part three

More than 550 exhibitors will be exhibiting their machines at this year’s LAMMA Show . Andy Collings provides a preview.

Claydon Hybrid drill

Claydon is set to launch a new seed drill at LAMMA which it has named the Hybrid – thanks to the drill being able to sport either a stone protection tine or a shear-bolt protection system.

With a working width of 6m (which folds to 3m for transport) its lightweight design employs a levelling board on the back rather than the more normal press wheels. This design, claims Claydon, is actually better than using press wheels – it is more effective to roll the ground after drilling when the ground has settled.

Extensive use of RDS electronics to control application rate, tramlining and to monitor a host of other operations is included in the specification.

Krone SafeCut for mowers


Krone’s SafeCut disc protection system is now available for all the company’s EasyCut mowers. Note the screw thread which lifts the disc clear of neighbouring discs when the roll pin shears.

All Krone EasyCut mowers are now being fitted with SafeCut cutterbar protection. The SafeCut system uses a shearbolt which connects each mower disc to the drive shaft and breaks if the disc encounters an obstacle.

The shearing of the connection between disc and drive shaft does not, however, stop the sprocket rotating and this is used to lift the stopped disc clear of the operating area of its overlapping neighbouring discs. It uses a screw thread to achieve this.

Once stopped, the disc can be repositioned and fitted with a new shear pin so that mowing can continue.

Horstine AirStream


Horstine’s AirStream fertiliser applicator, complete with 6m boom, can be used where crops are grown in beds.

Further development of Horstine’s AirStream granular fertiliser application system sees a version with a front mounted 6m boom.

This, says the company, allows fertiliser to be applied to crops grown in beds at pre and post planting stage or to salad and brassica crops grown in rows. The boom also means that fertiliser can be targeted at the growing areas and not, for example, at wheelings where there are no plants to utilise it.

Available with 1000 or 2000 litre stainless steel hoppers, the boom meters fertiliser individually to each outlet before it is conveyed by air from a hydraulically driven fan.



Gregoire-Besson’s one-pass Combimix


Under scrutiny.. Gregoire Besson’s Combimix cultivator with its tines, disc and press units is set to make its debut appearance at LAMMA.

Gregoire-Besson’s latest cultivator – the Combimix, which is a combination of tines, discs and packer, all in one frame.

Designed for use on small-to-medium-sized farms, the 3m wide implement begins with a row of tines which can be shear-bolt, spring-loaded or hydraulically auto-reset. These cultivate to a depth of about 35cm (14in) to break any plough pans that may be present.

Next is a double row of discs with hydraulic depth control which mix and mash any surface trash while also creating a tilth, and these are followed by a packer unit to consolidate the ground and create a level seed bed. There are a range of packers to suit different soil types.

New Holland Hydrogen tractor


The NH2 makes its UK debut at LAMMA.

An easier, safer and cleaner future is within reach, says New Holland. The company is set to show its innovative hydrogen-powered tractor at LAMMA, a tractor with no diesel tank, combustion engine, exhaust pipe or, for that matter, gearbox.

What it does have is a hydrogen tank, fuel cells and two electric motors – one for the tractor and one for the pto.

With a rated power of 106hp, the tractor’s fuel cells converts hydrogen into electricity with the result that the tractor has no emissions and enjoys all the benefits of a CVT transmission. It should also make for a quiet ride for the operator.

Fuel can be sourced from an on-farm hydrogen-cracking unit powered by electricty from an AD plant or wind turbine.


For more from the upcoming LAMMA show see FWi tomorrow (Friday 1 January).



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