Lamma: Garford weeding robots go into battle with volunteer potatoes

Peterborough company Garford Farm Machinery is the latest firm to be launching robotic machines at Lamma. It says will be exhibiting a range of Robocrop camera-guided weeding equipment including the new Robocrop Spot Sprayer which will be make its debut at the show.

It’s aimed at carrot and onion growers who are encountering problems with volunteer potatoes and has also been entered into LAMMA’s ‘Best New Product or Innovation’ competition.

Garford adds that its Robocrop InRow M2 2014 model has a new feature that allows it to operate at up to four plants a second, making the job a whole lot quicker. Its Robocrop precision-guided high-speed hoes are now available in working widths up to 18m which, at 12kph, give a spot performance of over 20ha/hour. This, says the company, is a big step forward in output for farmers.

Visitors can also view the new tine raiser system which enables hoeing to proceed right up to the headland rows even in short land without leaving large uncultivated areas.

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