Lamma: Hand-held post knocker takes headache out of fencing

One of the more natty inventions on show was a petrol-powered post knocker. The Australian-designed machine is imported to the UK by Sheffield firm Spa Landscaping and is called the Easy Petrol Post Driver.

Priced at £1,295, the portable post knocker should take the arm work out of fencing in tough-to-reach places – it weighs just 14.5kg and can bash in posts from 10-100mm in diameter in pre-augered holes, or up to 75mm if you’re hitting them straight into the ground.

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Both handles are spring-loaded to protect operators’ shoulders from the machine-gun-style hammering effect of the machine, which can dish out up to 1,720 blows per minute. Power comes from a small four-stroke, pull-start Honda motor and the company reckons it can bash in up to 500 posts for every litre of fuel, depending on the ground conditions. Noise levels exceed 100dBa, though, so don’t forget your earmuffs.