Lamma: Horsch’s trailed sprayers to get better boom suspension

Horsch has revealed plans to roll out its high-speed boom suspension system across its trailed sprayer line-up later this year.

The Leeb range was first launched almost two years ago and the sprayers have been drip-fed on to the UK market since then. Further improvements to the machines were revealed last autumn when the German maker introduced a new boom suspension system that allows its self-propelled sprayers to travel at 30kph in the field.

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In basic terms the suspension system has been simplified – the aim is to almost isolate the boom from the sprayer so that it hangs freely and therefore reduces the number of jolts transmitted to the boom section from the chassis. To do that, Horsch has reduced the number of springs and dampers used to cushion the boom, but still employs enough air valves to take out the shock loading caused by lumps and bumps in the field.

It should mean operators are able to carry the boom just 40cm from the top of a crop without ruining the spray pattern. The system is retrofitable to existing Leeb sprayers and should be available by the summer.