Lamma: Rabaud log processor ideal for farm diversification

Sudbury, Suffolk-based company Appin-Woods has been bringing in French-made Rabaud logging machinery for nearly a decade. However interest in this sort of machinery among farmers as a farm diversification has increased sharply in line with the burgeoning popularity of log-burners.

This Xylog 320 at Lamma has been available since last summer and can cope with logs with a cross-section of up to 320mm and a maximum length of 4m.

You dial in the length of log you want (it can be from 250-500mm) feed in a length of wood and the machine chops it to that length. It then drops down into a separate area where a hydraulic ram and blade split it into individual logs. The discharge elevator is 4m long, enough to drop the cut logs into a small trailer.

It’s tractor powered and needs about 25hp at the pto. This model costs £12,000, with bigger ones available.