Lamma:Versatile tractors return to UK

Versatile is a pretty well renowned name in the world of high-horsepower tractors, particularly across North America and Eastern Europe, but it’s been a few years since they were sold in the UK.

However, now they’re back with a new importer in the form of Louth-based JPM Agriculture and the company has already sold its first machine. JPM says it will only be selling the recently launched Delta Track initially, but it’s likely that other Versatile products will follow in the future.

The mid-range 500DT, priced at about £210,000, was the model on JPM’s show stand, but there are another two models in the line-up. All are powered by a 15-litre Cummins engine (compared to a smaller 12.9-litre Iveco in an equivalent Case Quadtrac) and are tuned to pump out either 450hp, 500hp or 550hp.

That drives through an American favourite – an 18-speed Cat powershift transmission. Top speed is limited to 35kph, although too much road travel is bound to wear out the rubber pretty quickly. Get it in the field, though, and the tracks might well outlive Quadtrac equivalents by 25%, says Versatile.

The prairie monster’s Camoplast tracks are available in 30in or 36in form, and the twin mid-roller arrangement should limit vibrations sent fizzing into the cab, says the company. There’s no cab suspension, though.

Six spool paddles direct 300-litres/min hydraulic oil at the back, which can be upped to 424 litres/min with a secondary high-flow pump employed.

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