Lamma: Yamaha launches petrol Yamaha buggy

Yamaha was showing off its new petrol-powered buggy that goes faster than the old one and has more space for passengers.

It’s called the Viking and it’s got a considerably bigger chassis than the Rhino model it replaces. That means there’s space for three full-sized seats and because the floor is flat, it’s easier to slide in and out, too.

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Yamaha’s own 700cc petrol engine provides the power and unlike the old model it hasn’t been restricted. That means it’ll have a lot more poke and higher top speed.

The transmission is a belt-type CVT and its got switchable two- and four-wheel drive.

Towing capacity is rated at 600kg and the rear load deck can hold 272kg. This has got a full-width tailgate, tipping body and is big enough to hold a Euro pallet.

The Viking will be available from February and costs £11,999.