Land Rover mobile claims 22 hours of talk time

Fed up with your mobile running out of power just when you need to make an important call? If so, the Land Rover S2 rugged phone (which is actually made by Californian maker Sonim) could be the answer to your prayers. It claims to have an astonishing two months of standby time and 22 hours of talktime, which must make it the longest-lasting phone around.

It’s also capable of sitting in 2m of water for an hour without problems and has an IP68-rated ability to keep out dust. You can drop it from 2m on to concrete, says the maker, and the keys are wide-set to allow you to use it with gloved hands. It also claims to have good audio volume and quality, as well as a 2MP camera and video camera.

You can buy it from Land Rover or Daventry firm The Phone Trader. The retail price is £299 plus VAT and it is also free to contract customers on any network who spend more than £25 a month.

* The Farmers Weekly machinery desk will be getting an S2 in a couple of weeks. We’ll report back on whether it really can last that long…

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