Landini Landpower tractors gain Iveco NEF engines

Italian tractor maker Landini has given its popular mid-range Landpower tractors a new engine, better servicing access and some spec upgrades.

The tractors, which span the 117-171hp band, lose their Perkins engines and now get a six-cylinder 6.73-litre Iveco NEF engine. Not only does this mean they now meet Tier 3 emissions regs, but there’s a useful boost in peak torque to help get them through field tough-spots.

Instead of the upper hood and separate side panels of the previous models, there’s a new one-piece bonnet that is said to give better access for servicing. The hydraulics have been given a boost too, with increases in output between 9 and 29% depending on model.

There are five models, the 117hp DT125, 133hp DT135, 141hp DT145, 157hp DT165 and 171hp DT180. They come in three spec levels, Techno, Top and Top-Tronic. Techno models have an 18×18 transmission with creep, synchro shuttle and mechanical linkage. Top models get a 36×36 gearbox with creep, two-speed powershift, synchro shuttle and electronic linkage. Top-Tronics get a 36×36 transmission with creep, three-speed powershift, power shuttle and electronic linkage. Prices range from £37,154 for the base-spec DT125 to £57,481 for the top-spec DT180.