Landini launches new high horsepower tractors

Landini has launched a new range of tractors which are aimed at strengthening the brand’s presence in the high horse-power market.

The new Powermaster range is made up of three models of from 170hp to 194hp.

The tractors are powered by Iveco NEF 6.7-litre, 24 valve, common rail, and feature the semi-powershift transmission that is also used in McCormick’s XTX tractors.

According to Landini the engine is installed as a structural stressed block rather than mounted within chassis rails.

With a reinforced sump, this is said to keep the tractor as compact as possible.

The engine features a power-boost function that senses when the pto is operating under load and – by altering engine timing and fuel delivery – boosts power by a maximum of 13%.

Despite sharing a transmission with its sister tractor – the McCormick XTX – the control systems are claimed to be different.

The gearbox is controlled from an armrest-mounted joy-stick which offers shifting through the 32 forward and 24 reverse speeds.

Landini has also added an auto-shift function that will change gear at a pre-determined engine revs.

This only operates in the top range as it is designed for transport work.

The firm also says that it has fitted a “kick down” function that is designed to operate much like an automatic car.

Apparently if the driver is working in auto-shift mode, flooring the throttle will give extra engine revs that allow the tractor to accelerate faster, principally by raising the gear-shift threshold higher.

The direction shuttle is controlled via a traditional steering column mounted lever which will also carry a parking lock on future models.

Front suspension is in the form of Landini’s own system which uses a beam axle carried on a swinging cradle and two vertical hydraulic rams cushioned by gas-filled accumulator spheres.

Service intervals on the engine and transmission are set at 500 hours and 1200 hours respectively.

In the hydraulics department a 130-litre/min variable flow pump provides oil flow to the linkage and five spool-valves. Two of which are electro-proportional and are fitted with a flow timer.

Landini is determined that these tractors will help it raise its profile within the arable sector and is actively seeking dealers in the east of England.


Landini has also announced the arrival of its new Landpower range.

Described by the firm as “an evolution” of its Legend tractors the new range boasts more features more power than its predecessors.

In total five models make up the Landpower range, which spans 118hp to 184hp, and are available in three different specification levels.

Currently powered by tier II Perkins six-cylinder engines the Landpower range will migrate to tier III engines later this year.