Landini ushers back high-clearance tractor

Italian maker Landini has reintroduced its high-clearance tractor model for growers of vegetable crops, salads and other delicate crops who want to minimise the potential for contact damage.

The Hi Clear version of the new Landini 5-D tractor has an axle arrangement that allows the use of tall row crop wheels all round.

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Among the new options for the Landini 5-D HC is a two-wheel drive version for growers who don’t need the extra traction of a driven front axle. The pay-off is the 700mm ground clearance, which is more than the 684mm provided by the four-wheel drive version.

There are also two extra transmission choices – a 16×16 creep option is available in place of the standard 12×12 synchro shuttle unit and there are 24×12 and 32×16 creep transmissions with pushbutton hi-lo powershift and a response-adjustable power shuttle.

With 85hp from the 5-090D, 95hp from the 5-100D and 102hp from the 5-110D, the new range claims to have greater choice and higher output than any other high clearance range. A new 3.4-litre Perkins four-cylinder engine beneath the new-style bonnet is said to be able to deliver up to 8% better fuel economy.

Operators also get a refreshed version of the existing four-pillar cab, which features a new instrument cluster adjustable with the steering wheel to give a clear view. It combines analogue and digital displays to provide more information than before.

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