Larrington adds side conveyor to ejector trailer

larrington ejector trailer with conveyor

Trailer maker Richard Larrington has adapted his clever Ejector Trailer by adding a handy side conveyor on the back.

The original trailer was launched last year and uses a chunky hydraulic ram to push loads out of the back of the trailer. This means it doesn’t have to tip up and even the largest trailers can be unloaded in low buildings.

The adapted version has been built specifically to help sugar beet contractors who struggle to neatly scoop up beet on ground rutted by trailer wheels.

Adding the conveyor means the ejector trailer can now transfer its entire load up to 2.2m to the side, avoiding any crop dropping into wheel marks.

The back of the trailer can also lift up as high as 4m so that the driver can build a neat, uniform heap that can easily be picked up by a mouse loader.

Because the conveyor lifts high enough to get over the side of a commercial trailer, it can be converted into a chaser bin too. All you need to do is switch the webbed root crop belts for a chute.

It’s also pretty easy to take the conveyor off completely and replace with a traditional tailgate.

A 20t Ejector Trailer including rear conveyor costs about £65,000.

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