Latest Deere GPS kit can use all satellites

The Precision Farming Event produced a good crop of new GPS devices.

John Deere was showing its latest GPS hardware at Precision Farming, including the new StarFire 3000 receiver which uses both the US GPS and Russian Glonass signals. Deere says it can also track a far greater number of satellites at the same time, meaning that guidance should be maintained even when working against a line of trees.

There’s also a 3D terrain compensation module to keep the vehicle on track on rolling or hilly terrain. The receiver is compatible with all existing John Deere displays and supports all available accuracy levels (Egnos, SF1, SF2 and RTK).

Deere was also showing its third generation Isobus-compatible GreenStar 2630 display which can be used with implements from other makers.

It has a 26cm colour display that gives easy touchscreen access to all monitoring and control functions. Processing speed has been doubled and the internal memory increased, says the company, giving operators complete control over John Deere’s full Agricultural Management Solutions product range.

A new Access Manager tool can be used to define different operator access levels to prevent settings being changed by mistake during field operations. The display is also now equipped with a video input which allows a monitoring system to be used for a better rear view or for controlling big implements.

For better visibility during road transport or at night-time, a new standby mode dims the display on demand, with one touch fully reactivating the display.

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