Latest tractor models showcased at LAMMA

The LAMMA event opened its gates on Wednesday (19 Jan) providing tractor manufacturers with the perfect platform for showcasing their latest offerings.

Farmers Weekly’s deputy machinery editor Emily Padfield sums up some key developments

New Holland T8 Range

NHPerhaps the most radical changes in the New Holland line-up comes in shape of the new T8 range.

With an extended wheelbase (the T8. measures 3.45m making it the longest tractor in this hp range) the bonnet has also been raised and sculpted to allow for tighter turning.

The T8.275, T8.300, T8.330, T8.360 and T8.390 models get an SCR-equipped FPT Cursor 9-litre engine with rated power running from 232hp to 335hp and max power from 273hp to 389hp.

For the first time, it’s now possible to opt for a fully integrated cast front linkage, with lift capacity of close to 6.3t.

McCormick T100-Max gives all-round appeal

McCormickFeaturing a new rear axle, transmission and power shuttle, as well as hydraulic pto control, McCormick’s 92hp T100-Max is an ideal all-rounder for both stock and mixed farms, says the company.

Standard spec also includes a telescopic pick-up and bottom link sensing for electronic draft control.

Landini Powermondial 120

LandiniLandini is previewing its first four-cylinder tractor to offer dual power rating at the show.

Powered by the same 4.4-litre four-cylinder Perkins powerplant as the 102hp and 110hp models, the 112hp adopts electronic engine management which delivers a 9hp power boost up to 121hp during pto and transport work.

Electronic engine management also allows for less revs at road speeds, according to Landini, revs falling to 1830rpm when the driver reaches 40kph.

The Powermondial 120 will be available only with Landini’s Top equipment package, meaning it gets a 36 forward, 12 reverse speed transmission incorporating three shift-on-the-go powershift steps.

Deutz-Fahr Agrofarm 430 TTV

DeutzDeutz-Fahr has its smallest CVT-equipped tractor to date on show at LAMMA.

The 110hp Agrofarm 430 TTV uses the same transmission as its higher-hp siblings, giving benefits like precise speed control and low engine revs at transport speeds. The Deutz four-cylinder Tier III engine is rated at 109hp.

Drivers control tractor speed via a joystick, which also allows them to bring the tractor to a halt without the use of the brake pedal.

Standard UK-spec includes three-speed pto, electric diff-locks, an open centre hydraulic system and lift capacity of 5300kg.

Case IH Puma CVX

PumaThree short-wheelbase tractors have been added to the Puma range, taking the number in the series up to eight.

The Puma 130 CVX, 145 CVX and 160CVX span the 131hp (171hp max power) to 160hp (203hp) bracket and, as the name suggests, are all available with CVT transmissions. All eight models use a 6.75-litre FPT engine.

Upgraded Quadtrac offering

QuadtracConsisting of four models, the new Quadtrac line-up now ranges from 502hp to 670hp.

Each is fitted with a 12.9-litre FPT powertrain with SCR, however 550 and 600 models get a two-stage turbo instead the standard wastegate arrangement on the 450 and 500 tractors, the secondary unit providing the boost for the Power Management feature.

Drive is through a 16×2 powershift with powershuttle. Tests suggest that the new engines represent a 9% improvement in efficiency over their Stage 3a predecessors, says Case IH, in addition to running cooler in high horsepower applications.

The new cab gets a MultiControl armrest with new AFS Pro 700 screen.

Popular T7. joined by short-wheelbase models

NH t7On the NH stand, visitors can see the renamed and extended T7000 Series.

Nine models now span the 150-230hp bracket with max boost ranging from 171hp to 269hp. Powered by a Fiat Powertrain Technologies 6.7-litre engine fitted with SCR, the existing T7000 range (now called T7.) has been joined by CVT versions of the short-wheelbase T6050, T6070, T6080 and T6090 semi-powershift models.

These will be badged as the T7.170, T7.185, T7.200 and T7.210 (the name denoting the boosted hp) and will be available with all the extras found on the larger T7s.

NH T9 range

NH T9There are now two ranges to the NH’s T9 articulated tractors, made up of two wider-framed high-hp models and four narrower models.

The latter’s 1m-wide frame and the fact that they can be shod on super singles mean they can meet the 3m transport width limit.

The T9 range spans the 354-608hp power band and will also use FPT Cursor engines fitted with SCR. The smaller T9.390 is fitted with a 9-litre block while the T9.450, T9.505, T9.560, T9.615 and T9.670 models all get the larger 13-litre power plant. Boosted hp now rises to between 390hp and 669hp.

John Deere 8R range

John deere 8310RJohn Deere launched its up-graded five model 8R range, which runs from 260hp to 360hp and use the company’s brand new PowerTech PSX 9-litre six-cylinder engines.

Tier lllb emission compliant, these engines use exhaust gas recirculation, a variable geometry turbocharger and an exhaust gas filtration system along with a diesel particulate filter.

The new model has already broken fuel efficiency records, according to Deere, after being tested at the Nebraska Tractor Test Lab (NTTL) in the US – which is the equivalent of Europe’s DLG test centre.

Before the engine changes, the 8320R broke the previous 8430’s record for most fuel efficient large hp row-crop tractor ever tested, this record now being broken once again by the new 8295R which managed 225g/kWh in the same pto test, beating the 8320’s previous figure of 228g/kWh.

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