Leica’s mojoMINI combines satnav and GPS

Leica GPS and autosteer kit, which used to be mainly brought in by SoilEssentials, is now being sold through Milton Keynes firm Leica Geosystems. There’s a whole batch of interesting kit, but the one that will appeal to many farmers and contractors is the mojoMINI.

This £959 unit looks like a satnav and feels like a satnav but is actually a dual-purpose satnav and GPS guidance unit. It will give you the usual lightbar-style display, plus boundary recording to give field acreage and a return-to-where-you-were facility. It connects to the receiver on the tractor roof via Bluetooth.

There’s also a more advanced £1,990 unit called the mojo3D which gets extra accuracy by using Glonass satellites and can be used with the firm’s electric-steer kit to give autosteer. It also runs auto section shutoff and uses Leica’s Virtual Wrench remote support system.

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