Leica shows new GPS receiver and assisted steer system

Options for those wanting to get into precision farming continue to widen.

Leica‘s new £6100 MojoGLIDE dual-frequency GPS receiver (sold in the UK through Angus firm Soilessentials) gives 15-25cm pass-to-pass accuracy off the no-subscription-needed EGNOS correction system.


It can also be upgraded to full network RTK (no base station needed) for about £2900, with an annual subscription cost of £850, which covers data transmission charges, software and support.

Soilessentials was also showing Leica’s new Quicksteer assisted steer system. This £2700 unit fits most makes of tractor and uses an electric motor to physically turn the tractor steering wheel. It can be bundled with the MojoGLIDE to make a start-from-scratch system, says the firm.

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