Lemken Matrix boom section control

Lemken is adopting TeeJet Matrix boom section control on its smaller sprayers as the firm continues to develop its in-house electronics capability.

While larger sprayers in the range continue with section through a Muller full-function terminal, the Matrix package is said to provide a more cost-effective solution for the Sirius 9 mounted sprayer.

This is Lemken’s vertical-fold boom sprayer, available with tank capacities from 900 to 1,900 litres, steel booms up to 15m, and weight-saving aluminium booms up to 24m.

“The rear-fold aluminium design gets around any problems with snagging tractors cabs when folded,” notes Mark Ormond of Lemken. “And our rear-fold design users sensors to prevent inappropriate opening; so extending vertically, which would be hazardous near power lines, is preventable.”

The Matrix option provides graphic and light-bar guidance for spraying situations where there are no tramlines to follow and boom section switching to minimise over-spraying in fields of irregular shape.

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