Lighter and easier: Pöttinger’s cultivators

A revamped range of Synkro tine stubble cultivators from Pöttinger features more compact mounted models for easier handling on tractors from 110hp and larger mounted or trailed versions with centre-split frames to lower the centre of gravity for transport.

The Synkro is the Austrian manufacturer’s take on a familiar format: rows of aggressive rigid tines with coil spring protection and capable of working shallow of deep, placed ahead of mixing/levelling discs and a rear packer. They are designed in the main for primary cultivation of stubbles.

The new generation 1030 series cultivators are lighter, shorter and generally more compact than previous models, with increased trash clearance beneath the frame. Central depth adjustment has been added to make life easier setting the working depth and the weight of the rear packer can be transferred to the cultivator if necessary to help penetration in dry, hard soils.

Levelling discs are now maintenance free thanks to sealed bearings; also they are scalloped to improve soil dynamics and mounted on rubber for protection when the cultivator is equipped with Nova tine trip legs (with tripping force increased to 500kg) to handle tough or stony soils.

Trailed versions are created by adding a drawbar and wheels to the 4m to 6m mounted implements, which now come with split frame folding. Eliminating a centre section lowers the centre of gravity for greater stability during transport.

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