Linkages Direct to sell tractor ballast system

Oxfordshire firm Linkages Direct, which – as the name suggests – specialises in selling front linkages. says it will be bringing in the novel tractor ballast weights made by French firm Althimasse and seen at last year’s Sima show. These come in 900kg and 1,500kg versions and you simply lift them up on the rear hitch.

Each has a set of hooks for implements and, because they’re close-coupled, it shouldn’t make implements stick out much more than they currently do. They also come with a small stand for when they’re not in use.

Linkages Direct says that the weight doesn’t get in the way of the pickup hitch or pto and should suit tractors with front loaders. An optional hook system enables rear-mounted equipment to still be used. Rear ballast can be added or removed as required, or it can be front-mounted.

The 900kg rear weight costs £1,295 and the 1,500kg weight costs £1,695.

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