Lishman fans keep cows cool and contented

Lincolnshire manufacturer Martin Lishman has traditionally been known for its grainstore, sprayer and potato equipment. However it has moved into the livestock equipment sector with the StockVent cow ventilation system.

A dairy cow generates 20-25 litres of water per day in exhaled humidity, it points out. The StockVent system is designed to continuously remove this moisture (as well as the heat, ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulphide generated by dairy herds) and bring in cooler, drier air from outside the building.

“Our StoreVent air extraction system has been improving cropstore ventilation for many years,” says managing director Gavin Lishman. “A high percentage of livestock buildings in the UK are poorly ventilated, which can cause an overall fall in milk production of between 20-30%”.

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The StockVent system involves using high-efficiency belt-drive fans, recirculation fans and pedestal/wall fans to circulate air in parlours and barns. A monitoring and control system can also help reduce energy costs by only switching ventilation fans on when there is a significant rise in temperature and humidity inside the livestock building. Alternatively, a thermo-anemometer can be supplied to monitor the temperature and humidity manually.

Single-phase Turbulator fans start at £250 for a 120W 355mm diameter unit and go up to £360 for a 280W 630mm model. Stainless steel versions go from £440-550. Belt-drive fans with hanging eye-bolts go from £450 for an 800mm diameter 750W stainless steel unit to £1,115 for a 2,000mm 1.5kW unit. Three-step speed controllers cost £235-245 and three-phase units are also available.

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