Loaders launch Twose into handling market

Twose of Tiverton has just launched itself into the increasingly competitive materials handling market with a range of fore-end loaders.

Parallel lift versions – which keep the attachment level throughout the lift arc – are available to fit tractors from 65hp to 170hp.

Lift capacities range from 1.5t to just under 3t with maximum lift heights of 3.9-4.3m.

Smaller models without the self-levelling parallel-lift facility cater for machines between 40hp and 95hp.

With lift capacities of 1-2t, these will reach heights of 3.2-3.9m.

For fast attachment and removal the loaders have a drive-in/drive-out system which requires the operator to leave the seat only for removal. Locking pins secure the unit automatically.

A similar setup is available for implement attachment.

An optional hydro-pneumatic suspension system can be specified to cushion shock-loads.

Twose says fitting kits are available to suit all major makes and models of tractor.

The loaders are sourced from French sister-company Faucheux which is owned by the Alamo Group.

Its subsidiaries include McConnel, Bomford, Spearhead and Twose to name just a few.