Luda launch easy-to-move CCTV which can fit farm kit

Swedish company Luda has launched a compact mobile CCTV system for any machine where vision is poor.

So that could cover anything from a combine to a forage harvester or a tractor and trailer to a potato harvester.

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Normally, such systems have to be hardwired in one machine to avoid lots of trailing leads.

Luda's minicam screen

However Luda says its system can be swiftly shifted from one machine to another in about a minute with the minimum of faff.

The company says its MachineCam Mini can be set up in less than a minute, using power from the machine’s 12v socket.

Or, if one isn’t available you can use a battery pack that gives you 12 hours of power.

Both the camera and the screen have strong magnets on them and four cameras can be used with one screen.

You can also get the images to scroll from camera to camera, plus they are equipped with night vision.

The unit is rugged, water and dust resistant and comes with a three-year warranty.  

Cost of the kit is £310 with one camera, a battery pack is £103 and each extra camera costs £125. The equipment is sold through Devon company Sparex.

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