Luda launches electric fence monitor

Security camera and sensor specialist Luda has developed a monitoring system that can alert farmers to an electric fence break.

The kit uses two clamps – one to the fence and a second to a ground pin – to monitor the circuit and sends notifications via an app if the voltage drops below a preset level.

It also displays a graph to indicate whether the voltage drop is due to livestock tampering with the fence, or if it’s the result of shrubbery or rain.

The voltage level of the fence is sent through a built-in SIM card, so the fence status can be checked on any mobile phone without having to physically visit the field.

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It can be connected at any point in the existing fence and can be powered for two months with the rechargeable battery, or constantly supplied with 220V or 12V.

If the unit doesn’t report for 48 hours, or if the battery levels drops too low, then it will automatically send the user a notification.

The basic kit costs £175 and sends updates every 48 hours, while the £53/year upgrade checks the fence voltage every minute if it has a constant power supply, or every 10 minutes if it’s running on battery power.