Lynx introduces new Eggers dynamometer

Machinery dealers that need to put the biggest tractors through their paces to evaluate power and torque outputs have a new tool at their disposal in the shape of the Eggers PT 302 dynamometer.

Available in mobile and fixed forms – and through an on-site service provided by importer Lynx Engineering – the newcomer replaces the previous model (PT 301) with a number of refinements and additional capabilities.

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For one thing, the power braking generator used to load the engine, along with other equipment, is housed in bodywork similar to that on the larger PT 501.

It provides a rear storage compartment for drive shafts, a fold-down side storage compartment and desk for the operating console, and a roller shutter door for easy access.

And the mobile version comes on a choice of single- or tandem-axle running gear.

More important for some dealer operations will be the increase in capacity; the PT 302 can handle up 816hp (600kW) for a quick test and up to 462hp (340kW) for full-load curve measurement.

As with other units in the Eggers range, the newcomer measures torque and rotation speed separately – the generator incorporates a hub to measure torque and a speed sensor to record the rpm.

From these values, the control electronics calculate the performance of the engine against the specified power profile, with Eggers manufacturer KL Maschinenbau saying that using the generator solely to load the engine, not for power measurement, eliminates any potential inaccuracies caused by changing efficiencies within the generator.

Data transfer to a PC or laptop computer is by cable or Bluetooth and a new feature is the ability to document AdBlue consumption in litres per hour and grams per kilowatt-hour.

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