Lynx kits out the smaller tractor

Northants-based Lynx engineering now offers front-linkage and pto kits to fit small and compact tractor models.

According to the company, the units are developed to match specific tractors and have a robust cast frame for maximum durability.

Lift capacities range from 600kg to 800kg and a choice of Cat 1 or 2 arms can be specified.

Hydraulic power is sourced from the tractor’s spool-valves, although the unit is operated via Lynx’s multi-valve system.

This allows the operator to set the linkage in float or locked positions and has the advantage of being able to exert downward pressure for blade work.

The front pto system takes drive directly from the engine crankshaft. Featuring a soft-start engage system, the kits have clockwise rotation and a standard six-spline shaft.

Prices start from £960, with a complete linkage and pto package costing £2180 (01327 843215 or