Lynx Streamline-D cultivator-press

Growers wanting to make best use of tractor power by using front-mounted implements can turn to an improved version of the Lynx Engineering Streamline-D cultivator-press.

Designed to work-down and consolidate ploughed ground ahead of a rear-mounted cultivator or seed drill, the 4m folding implement can be fitted with a staggered row of chisel or “S” spring tines across the front with pin and hole depth adjustment.

Next comes a row of crank-adjusted paddle tines. These are shaped to crush clods or deflect them into the path of the following large diameter Simba DD pressed-steel consolidating discs, which have a simpler, cheaper scraper design than before.

All working elements are mounted on a narrower main frame, which is pulled from a ball joint on the front cross-member. The frame can float and also steer through curves restrained by dampers in the slimmed-down headstock. Movement is also controlled by steel rollers located in a slotted bracket on the frame’s rear cross-member and which is shaped to hold the frame rigidly when the implement is lifted clear of the ground.

Retail price is £12,620; front tines add up to £570 a metre.

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