Mace conveyor transfers treated seed

Demand from farmers and seed cleaning companies for a quick and easy way to move treated seed into trailers, pits or bags from the seed dressing machine encouraged Northamptonshire manufacturing firm Mace Industries to design this prototype conveyor system.

The Eleveyor is powered by a 220v single-phase supply, but plans are afoot for it also to be run from a hydraulic power supply.

It uses a conveyor rather than an auger to limit the damage caused to the seed and is available in lengths from 3m to 8m. It can be towed by an ATV or moved by two men around the yard (it weighs 180kg), says developer Luke Mace. For moving between sites the full production version will be designed to go on a trailer.

Using a cleated belt has upped output to as much as 20t of wheat seed an hour – easily enough to keep up with the cleaner. It might make filling up the drill an easier job, too.

Full production versions are due in the next few weeks, with the 5m version carrying a £3,995 price tag. Longer versions cost £500/m on top of the price of the 5m conveyor.

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