Masterfarm Kwick-Kleen keeps crops clean

Colchester-based Master Farm Services has introduced a novel cleaning system for all types of crops. Called the Kwick-Kleen grain cleaner, it involves a set of perforated tab agitator augers that give 360deg cleaning.

The units are compact, says the company, can run off hydraulic or electric drive and have a large cleaning area. Capacities of up to 100t/hour are possible and the feed rate can be adjusted. Loading can be done by conveyor, trailer, loader bucket or straight from the drier.

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It’s mounted on a single axle with removeable drawbar for easy moving, says the company, and a two-section foldable screenings auger takes the rubbish away from the cleaned grain.

Model 572 cleans at up to 70t/hour while the Model 772 cleans at up to 100t/hour. More than 20 screen sizes are available and prices of the cleaners start at £5,500.

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