McConnel at Smithfield

McCONNEL’S 2005 range of hedge-trimmers was on display at the Smithfield show this week.

Certain new models put in an appearance and most received updates, namely in hydraulic circuitry and machine styling.

The new models launched included the Power Arm 48 and the 7700T machines.

The PA48 is aimed at the medium to large farmer, has a 4.9m reach, a 54hp semi or totally independent hydraulic system and requires a tractor of 3.5t weight for safe operation. Prices start from 11,438.

The 7700T is the latest addition to the contractor range, with a 7.7m reach, it is fitted with a telescopic dipper arm. It requires a tractor of 75hp and a minimum tractor weight of 4.5t. Prices start at 28,098.

The McConnel range of hedge trimmers are available with various control options depending on buyer specification and are fitted with a breakaway system to protect the boom from collision damage.

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