McCormick adds four models to T-Max range

McCormick has added another four models to the 93hp T100-Max launched earlier this year to give five models spanning the 74hp to 110hp band. Synchro shuttle models come with the Speed Four Overdrive transmission, giving 24 speeds forward and 12 in reverse using a mechanical high-low splitter.

The powershuttle transmission has a clutch sensitivity adjustment feature that alters the bite of the main drive clutch and power shuttle clutch. A 36kph 12×12-speed transmission is standard on T-Max power shuttle tractors but buyers can instead choose the Speed Four HML option, which adds three-speed powershift for a 36×12 configuration.

These transmission options contrast with the single 24×12 unit available in the three C-Max models, which are aimed at operators wanting a simple tractor for yard and general topwork. The T-Max models get a lift capacity of 4,350kg (compared with 3,700kg on the C-Max) and can be fitted with an 1,800kg front linkage, with or without power take-off.

All T-Max tractors have lower link draft sensing and on powershuttle versions there is a choice of mechanical or electronic rear linkage operation. The latter provides improved draft implement control and linkage lift-lower buttons on the rear mudguards. Air conditioning is fitted throughout and an air suspension seat option for Synchro Shuttle models is standard on the powershuttle versions.

McCormick T-Max range

Model Power

T80-Max          74hp

T90-Max          83hp

T100-Max        93hp

T110-Max        102hp

T115-Max        110hp

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