Mechanical farm firewood processor handles knotty problems

Ryetec’s latest CP800 and CP1000 Eco firewood processors have a simple, strong, processor, mechanical joystick controls and the complete absence of electronics.

A tungsten-tipped sawblade is driven by a set of heavy-duty belts and an internal hydraulic system powers the splitter, intake belt, log gripper, saw movement, axe height and loading conveyor.

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The units are available with either 325mm or 395mm capacity, with low-maintenance cutting from either an 800m or 1000mm circular saw blade.

Interchangeable 2/4, 2/6 and even 2/8 (on the 1000) axes are hydraulically controlled and can be swapped without the need for tools.

They make easy work of tough knotty hard wood, says the company, thanks to the 10t and 13t splitting rams, powered intake belt and optional log tables.

Logs are held during the cutting process by an automatic hydraulic gripper and the length of each log is measured accurately from 200-500mm with an adjustable measuring plate.

The log then falls into a trough to be split and loaded by the 4m discharge conveyor.

The simple design and lack of expensive components means the Ecos are cheap to buy and run, says the company. 

The CP800 Eco starts at £11,950 and the bigger CP1000 Eco costs £13,950.

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