MF says it is first tractor maker to fit cab suspension to sub-100hp tractors

Cab suspension is now an option on all MF5400 Series tractors, including the 86hp MF5425 and 96hp MF5435. This makes the company the first to offer cab suspension in the sub-100hp sector.

For users of MF5400 Series tractors above 120hp, higher comfort levels can be specified by combining the existing, optional front axle suspension with the new suspended cab option.

The new suspension is a mechanical system, using two new silent-block bushes to support the cab at the front, plus a pair of spring-assisted shock absorbers mounted on the two rear corners.

A Panhard rod on the rear spring units provides lateral stability, which combines with the vertical damping to offer suspension in three dimensions – up/down and side-to-side. The mechanical system requires no operator input, says MF, with the damping set to pre-determined levels by the shock absorbers and springs.

The new silent block bushes will be fitted to all MF 5400 standard flat-floor cabs, with or without the suspension option. They do raise the height slightly, so the bushes and suspension will not be available on the low profile cab.