Michelin expands yard-friendly CrossGrip tyre range

Michelin has added two sizes to expand its already comprehensive range of CrossGrip tyres.

Designed for compact wheeled loaders and telehandlers, CrossGrip tyres are also suited to tractor applications involving a lot of road travel or working on delicate surfaces.

The tyres are radial, with a relatively dense block tread 18mm deep and a pattern designed to deliver the same traction forwards and backwards.

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Good wear rates are claimed when used on compact loaders, telescopic handlers and the like, operating predominantly on hard surfaces.

However, traction will not be as good as a traditional “tractor” tread pattern in soft, muddy conditions.

Michelin CrossGrip tyres on a loader

Michelin CrossGrip is designed primarily for loaders © Michelin

The tyres are also suited for small to mid-size tractors working on turf and ornamental grass, or engaged in a lot of road travel, thanks to the large contact surface area of the tread pattern.

The pattern and rubber compound also have a positive rating for use on snow.

Already available for 16in, 18in, 24in, 28in, 34in and 38in rims, and covering nominal widths from 250mm to 540mm, the two newcomers are 400/70 R20 and 480/80 R26 to cater for a wider selection of vehicles.

The smaller of the pair has an overall diameter of 1.06m and a rolling circumference of 1.17m.

This is important to consider when fitting to tractors with larger diameter wheel assemblies at the back than at the front.

Equivalent figures for the taller and wider newcomer are 1.42m and 4.24m.

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