Military security barrier keeps farm trespassers at bay

While farmers aren’t often subject to heavy gunfire (bar the odd stray shot on shooting days), the new Hesco Bastion range of military-style security barriers is already finding a place on UK farms.

The defence barrier of choice for military organisations including NATO, the units are now being distributed in the UK by Sanderson Environmental as a way of keeping fly-tippers, hare coursers, travellers and other undesirables out of fields.

Measures being used by farmers to do this include plonking mammoth tree trunks, trailers, and more commonly old cultivators in gateways. But these, too, are increasingly being nicked by thieves because of their high scrap value, according to managing director Andy Sanderson, which leaves fields and margins vulnerable.

Having shown the barrier for the first time at last month’s LAMMA show, the Sudbury firm says there has been considerable interest in the barrier, with about 50 units sold to farmers and landowners.

It’s designed as a semi-permanent block to stop vehicles crossing. The steel wire mesh, which is lined with a heavy-duty plastic sheet, is pulled into shape and positioned ready for filling. The frames can then be packed with any material to hand – most commonly soil or hardcore – in just 10 minutes using a telehandler, according to Mr Sanderson.

When it comes to moving the structure you’ll need either a digger or a shovel and some steely determination, because the majority of the contents needs to be removed before the individual sections can be opened, emptied and folded up.

Various sizes and shapes can be specified, with the standard agricultural package of four 5m long x 1m high units costing £1,200.

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