Mitsubishi Outlander on test

Head out on any British motorway or A-road and you’re bound to see plenty of Outlanders. Some of them will be in Mitsubishi livery while others are rebadged as Citroen C-Crossers and Peugeot 4007s. Mitsubishi’s own version has proved the most popular, though, taking its shark-like nose and squinting lights from the racey old Lancer.


The top-spec GX4 looks pricey at first glance, but comes with 18in alloys and a cabin full of gadgets. The interior is a pleasant place to be and surprisingly uncluttered for a car of its type. It’s spacious up front and the second row of seats is comfortable, though short of headroom, The rear fold-up seats look like they are aimed at children under the age of seven, since legroom is at a premium.

Engine and transmission

The 2.2-litre 154hp diesel gives ample power on the road and for towing duties. The engine can be a bit thirsty, though – we struggled to better 34mpg on our auto version. Go for the manual version if you want frugality.

Driving it

This feels like a high-riding estate car and it gets the perks of both, too – responsive handling and a high driving position to give a good view of the road. Things can get raucous once up to speed, though. The engine is quiet enough but there was more wind and road noise at motorway speeds than we expected.

Farmers Weekly Verdict

The styling may not be ground-breaking but this is a perfectly serviceable SUV. If you’re after more power and speed you may be better off opting for the manual version.

Mitsubishi Outlander GX4 SST

Engine 2.2-litre
Power 154hp @ 4,000rpm
Transmission Automatic
Top speed 123mph 


Towing capacity


Fuel consumption combined


Price of our test vehicle


 Too dear? Try the GX2 4wd for £22,499 

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